Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission
July 2009 - December 2010

Nasinu 1st Ward

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bula Vinaka

Things in Fiji are very busy we have been greatly blessed with growth and spiritual gain. Becky and I have just gone through the most busy time we have yet encountered. We are now the only Senior couple left in the mission directly working with the Elders and Sisters. We do have one sweet Sister Erickson who lost her husband about six years ago. They always wanted to serve a mission so she felt she would do it for both of them. Anyway we were responsible for the entire Christmas gathering of the Ninety missionaries who either rode , came by boat or flew into Suva for their yearly holiday celebration. The poor President and his sweet wife have been on a mission tour with the area general authority rep. and have been gone for nearly three weeks. Sister Ostler had to do the celebration for the other two countries which are part of our large mission. So she had 54 of our other Missionaries to cater to. We all think our Elders and Sisters are well worth the work and service we rend to them They just arrived the day the four day celebration started and both are sick. Becky and Sister Erickson have made pillow cases for the entire mission of 142 missionaries, sewed new Table clothes for the banquets, made costumes for missionaries for their talent night, and planned cooked and served the ninety we had in attendance!! Thinking about it makes me tired!
Right now our weather is getting hotter and more humid and I struggle with this combination of weather. Oh well it beats Snow for now. Suva where we live is very tropical and it is also the rainy monsoon season.
I was able to have the opportunity of my first baptism in Nadi thanks to the Elders giving me the opportunity to baptize a father of a young family they taught and the Lord converted. I was able to wear a white Sulu which is like a man skirt the Islanders wear. It was wonderful and made me feel young again. The missionaries are all so good to Becky and myself. We feel their love and kindness each day. I could write a book about the crazy and funny things they at times get themselves into.
Just last week a new district leader was given a car and it is his first time driving in Fiji. So I get a call from his Zone leader saying they just watched a tow truck drive by in the city with the district leaders car in tow and look for a call soon from this new DL. Sure enough twenty minutes later this poor scared DL calls and with a shaky voice tells me his car has been stolen!
Of course I play along and ask where they parked and left it and he replied it was in an alley in the heart of the city. Some workers working on a building near by said they could park there even though the ally was marked up and down no parking. I am sure the workers had a laugh as the car was towed away and these two dumb Palangis "white men" were out a car! So to make a long story (Lesson for the DL!) short I told him what I knew about the car and that it was his responsibility to go find the impound lot and he would have to pay the $80 dollar impound fee. Almost in tears he said he didn,t want the stupid car anymore! We than had a short talk about taking responsibility for our actions and it was he who parked in no parking no matter what some workers told him. So he than says he has no money to pay the fee so I told him to call his ZL and get him to pick them up and bring them to the office and I would loan them the money out of petty cash but they would have to pay it back from their by-weekly support of $10 dollars every two weeks. Wow am I cruel?? the truth is our Mission President President Ostler wants to teach our missionaries that they have to be responsible for their actions.
After they did all of this and got the car back he called and apologized for his remarks about not needing a dumb car and he would be more responsible in the future. I assured him I had done more than my share of mistakes but that is how we learn and grow.
We love you all and want you to again know how much we love serving the Lord. To say he has been good to us over our the years is an understatement. Becky and I love the gospel and love these wonderful people in Fiji. They have set such an example for us by giving unconditional love in return for our friendship.
Please keep us in your hearts and prayers and enjoy this time for celebration for our Saviors birth.
Elder and Sister Seare