Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission
July 2009 - December 2010

Nasinu 1st Ward

Monday, November 16, 2009

Greatest Week of our Mission . . . so far!

Bula Vinaka!

November 15th

We don't even know how to begin telling you of the wonderful week we had
this past week. Monday was busy busy getting all the missionaries here
and situated for President's Uchtdorf's visit. Elder Bennett came in
from Savusavu with a badly infected knee so I spent part of the day
taking him to the clinic. Monday morning devotional in the service
center was full of excitement with all the preparations for security,
Cars, Medical training and all else that goes into having a member of
First Presidency visit. The rest of the day was total Chaos with all
the excitement and elders coming and going.

Tuesday morning began early. We met with Sister Stanford and Sister
Erickson to begin food preparation for Tuesday's dinner with President
Uchtdorf. At 11:00 am Sister Erickson and I were off to pick up
sandwiches for the 90 missionaries gathered together for the big event.
As soon as we finished lunch we were back helping with preparations for
the dinner. On the way back was the highlight of the week, well one of
the highlights. We returned trays to Guava (where we got sandwiches
from) I offered to take the trays in while Sister Erickson waited in
the car. I guess I didn't see the sign that said "watch your step"
because I tripped and did a face plant with the trays shooting in all
directions. I made quite a show for all eating lunch in the restaurant.
It was one of those times that I had to just pick myself up, swallow my
pride, ignore the pain and laugh! All the people in the restaurant
were shocked. The woman who owns the restaurant thanked me for the
free show and gave me a Diet Coke!  I don't think any of us will forget t
hat outrageous show!!!

Well when I regained my composure we went back to finish all the final
dinner preparations.

At 3:00 we were back to the Stake Center to get ready for President
Uchtdor's arrival. We all practiced for pictures with him then went to
the Chapel for training from President Ostler. What a beginning to a
wonderful conference. President Ostler was like a little kid waiting
for Santa Claus. As soon as security gave us the go ahead we lined up
again for pictures and waited for President Uchtdorf. As he arrived we
sang to him. It was an emotional experience. He was touched as were
all of us. We had pictures taken then filed by him to shake his hand.
The meeting was incredible. It was like he was looking into each of our
eyes and talking to us personally. I will never forget the kind words
of encouragement and words of appreciation to us as missionaries. He
made me want to give 110% to the Lord. His message was up close and
personal and so touching. We sang our Mission Theme song to him and
watched him as tears filled his eyes.
What an amazing experience. After the closing prayer you could hear a
pin drop then he just stood and looked at all of us and once again
expressed his love and appreciation to us. There was a hush across the
chapel as he left. An experience we will never forget.

As soon as Sister Erickson and I were able to we ran out, jumped in the
car and hurried to get to President Ostler's before the group arrived
for dinner. The dinner was amazing. As President Uchtdorf
arrived he came straight into the kitchen to see what was going on.
We visited for a minute then he went to the dining room where we served
him and several others dinner. Amongst the group were The Mission
President and His Wife, The Temple President and His wife, 4 stake
presidents and their wives, And two visiting authorities, over the
Pacific area.

After serving and clearing up President Uchtdorf invited Dave and I,
sister Erickson and the Stanfords to come into the dining room where
he asked us about ourselves, our families and our mission. He was
touched as Sister Erickson told him that she was here by herself on a
mission and that her husband had gone ahead of her 7 years ago to serve
his mission in heaven. She got a personal hug and pictures. He
complimented us on the food, it's preparation, the colorful
presentation and the delicious taste of a wonderful meal. Sister
Stanford in the Chef, we just did what she told us to do. What a grand
finale for their service in Fiji, They left to go home to Canada on

Following dinner he came back into the kitchen and visited with us and
let us take pictures. He was reminded by his security people that he
had to be to the college to speak to all the members in Fiji in 10
minutes. We cleared and rinsed the dinner plates then were off again to
the Church college to hear him speak once again. He was awesome and the
members loved him however it did not even compare to the talk he gave to
just the missionaries.

Following the meeting we returned to clean up the rest of the dinner
dishes. By about 10:00 pm we got home exhausted but indeed spiritually
fed. What a blessing for those of us who were able to participate on
this unique day!

Wednesday Morning he did a walk through at the service center and
mission office where we once again shook our hands, visited with us
and allowed us to take more pictures. Wednesday evening we went back
to the college for a Multi Cultural event. All Islands were represented
in performances from their native areas. The meeting concluded with
remarks from President Uchdtorf and the Primary children singing to him
in their native tongue the farewell song of Fiji. Another great
experience. It had been his birthday on Monday so of course the primary
children couldn't let him leave without singing Happy Birthday to him
and presenting him with a Birthday Cake and Candles.

We went home with gratitude in our hearts for the opportunity to have
participated in the events of this special week.

Thursday we spent the day catching up on all of our mission work.
Friday, Dave and I set out for a trip around the Island. We visited
missionaries in each of the areas of the the Lautoka Zone and got to
know each missionary on a more personal basis. We stayed in Nadi Friday
night. We had dinner that evening with Elder Matheson and Elder
Hunsaker, ZL's. What a great time we had. Saturday we went to the
Market and to lunch then to a Baptism. The Elders had a special
surprise for Dave, they asked him to perform one of the three baptisms.
They also asked him to speak. It was a touching experience for Dave.
The missionaries adore him and wanted him to be a part of their day. At
the end of the baptismal meeting, which was all Fijian, everyone turned
and looked at me I had no idea what was going on then one of the
missionaries turned to me and said the Bishop had asked me to bear my
testimony. The spirit was strong as I looked into the eyes of the three
members who had just been baptised. Another wonderful day in Fiji.

Sunday was yet another unique day. We attended Sacrament meeting which
was again in Fijian. As they announced the confirmations for those
Baptised the day before, the Bishop announced that Elder Seare would be
confirming the member he had baptized, Another very pleasant
surprise. He also stood in the circle for the other confirmations.
Dave was touched and emotional as he thanked the missionaries for a
special experience. Once again all the missionaries expressed their
love to him.

Sunday afternoon we had the opportunity to take Elder Munton and Elder
Rabukawaga back to their area in Nasivikoso. It was a 2 hour bumpy dirt
road up over the mountains inland. It is the most remote area of the
Island that we have been to. These two elders are the only missionaries
up there in the Village. Wow, they won the prize. They asked what
prize. We told them we weren't sure but they definitely won it. We
could not believe what we saw, hopefully some of the attached pictures
will explain it. As we left it was once again an emotional experience
for us as we and the missionaries expressed our
love to each other with hugs. and tears. It is against the rules for
me to hug the missionaries but I couldn't resist. (Don't tell
anyone!) We left to head down the mountain and wondered how we could
possibly top the week we had just had. It is difficult to explain our
experiences. We do know that we are where we are supposed to be and
that we are making a difference here in Fiji. We are growing to love
these people so much! But even more we Love the Lord with all our
Heart, Might, Mind and Strength. What a blessing in our Lives. We have
never been so happy and felt so fulfilled.

Just one more interesting experience, on our way down the mountain we
got a flat tire. As Dave was changing the tire he told me of a weird
experience. He had dreamed the Night before that we got a flat tire.
As he was gathering things together that morning he threw in some things
just in case we got a flat tire. He thought he was over
reacting til it really happened. It kind of creeped him out. I, on
the other hand, realized that i was indeed married to a "Seare".

We spent the weekend in Denauru Resort area, The part of Fiji that
makes everyone think we are in paradise. It is the tourist area of Fiji
and we area indeed enjoying the day reflecting on our wonderful week.
We are catching a little R & R today then tomorrow we will be back on
the Road visitiing two more sets of missionaries and returning back to
Suva. Dave has actually gone to get our tire fixed and take care of
some final business with a couple of the missionaries. I will admit
that I am sitting by the pool enjoying the beauty of this wonderful
place. A great place for anyone who may want to come visit us.

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