Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission
July 2009 - December 2010

Nasinu 1st Ward

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bula Vinaka,

Things are so busy I often loose track of days and time. This experience has changed my life and helped me realize how sheltered my life was back home. Fiji is so beautiful in places and the outer Islands are like what I used to think dreams were made of. Yet there is poverty and living conditions in Suva that humble me to the core. I used to struggle trying to read the Scriptures. Now I weep as I read and feel the spirit of the Lord. I used to worry about such trivial things. Now I realize how I was wasting my life. I came to teach, I am now being taught by some of the most humble of Gods children.
Sitting in a tin shack with little or no furniture and seeing what little the people have sobers me. I drive up in a little Toyota Corolla meeting members of our ward needing reactivating and look around and there is not a car to be seen in these humble neighborhoods.

Working with the Missionaries on a daily basis is what keeps me going. I did not understand sacrifice until I saw what humble conditions our Elders live in. Most just have a worn out dirty foam pad to sleep on. Hot water is unheard of. Most of the outer flats are simply tin shacks no windows and woven mats to cover dirt floors. Yet they develop happy attitudes and are willing to do whatever is asked of them. Sister Seare is keeping very busy just trying to keep the Elders diseases under control. We have some strange bugs and germs in this part of the world!

We live in a very small flat but it is clean. When we have Missionaries over to eat they think our place is a palace. They put in long days and the Lord blesses them with success. Most never have to track. The members supply plenty of referrals and most people living in this land are very spiritual. The senior Missionaries are treated with respect and we see little anti mormon treatment.

Living in Suva we see rain almost every day and when it rains it is like buckets of water fall from the sky. Back home we don't know what a really strong rain storm is like. When the sun shines it is so clear and beautiful. Our season is just coming out of winter. It is so funny to see the poor Fijians wearing winter clothing freezing in 70 degree weather. They marvel at us Polongies and think we are crazy to go around with shot sleeve shirts and no socks with our sandals

Well I feel the need for bed so I will just say so long for now. I love you all and hope you keep us in your prayers.


Elder Seare