Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission
July 2009 - December 2010

Nasinu 1st Ward

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family and Friends update From Fiji

 Bula from warm sunny Fiji!      How is your weather?!

Today we are sitting here in the Suva Mission office waiting for Sister Seare [MOM] to take me to a town called Nausori. There I will meet the Zone Leaders and they will drive me to a port town where the Elders and myself will get on a boat and travel to an island called Levuka. We will be gone three days and I am excited to see this beautiful island. Levuka is where the capital of Fiji used to be many years ago when the British were controlling Fiji. It is a very old English style small city and is full of charm and history.  We are going over to inspect the Elders living quarters and visit the area. I love these trips and most of all love being with our missionaries. Sister Seare has to stay back because the mission is receiving a new intake of missionaries and she has to help orient them regarding health issues. Like how to stay alive on the outer islands! I also should be there to orientate them to vehicle use issues and living in our flats and maintaining our properties. But since all I say is "if you crash one of my cars I kill you!" or " if you burn down one of my flats I kill you!" that pretty much is my training speech. Just kidding!! Or am I? 

Last week during conference "which we get one week later than you do" Mom and I went with two other couples and our office secretary Sister Erickson to Nadi. Nadi is on the other side of the Viti Levu the main island of Fiji. This is where a lot of the resorts are and we stayed at a resort called 
TheOutrigger Hotel. 
It was a wonderful break for all of us and the resort is beautiful. It is done in Fijian design and made us feel like we we at a Disney retreat for adults! The pools were beautiful and the food is the best we have had while serving here in Fiji. We also get conference on line with our computers so we listened to conference over two days. If you only know how much we crave and miss listening to such uplifting talks.  We try and get away at least once every three to four months and take these type of breaks. Even though these breaks only last the weekends it is enough to recharge our batteries and
give us the rest we all need.

We have reached half way mark and I fear our remaining time will come to an end far too fast. 

Au Lolomni iko "we love you"
Elder and Sister Seare

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Freddie said...

Dear Elder and Sister Seare, I love your posts and letters. You are a true inspiration to us both. Cant believe its your half way mark. Keep up the great work. Miss you tons,, love Freddie and Greg!