Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission
July 2009 - December 2010

Nasinu 1st Ward

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celebrating 37 Years together.

We celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversary on June 21st. We continued our Celebration the following weekend at the Wellesley Resort located about 1 1/2 hrs north of Suva towards Nadi.  We went with the Kastelar's who celebrated their 40th the same week.

We had a great weekend of Rest,  Relaxation and of course Great Food.  Some of the best food we have had since we left Salt Lake.

We played in the ocean and kayaked along the reef watching blue starfish, and several other flourescent colored, turquoise, blue and yellow fish.
Most of our time was spent resting in the sun by the pool and finding our way to the restaurant for breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

The Wellesley is small, quiet and quaint with a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.  It was an awesome get away.   We arrived home just after noon on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon was the 10th Anniversary of the dedication of the Suva Fiji Temple, with President Callister, our Area President.  President and Sister Woolley, Temple President and Matron spoke of the temple today and President and Sister Bale, the first President and Matron of the Suva Temple in 2000 gave delightful talks regarding the beginning of the Suva Temple.  We also heard testimonies from 3 locals and then were addressed by Elder and Sister Wakolo our area Seventy.  President Callister and his wife concluded the meeting with inspiring talks about the temples and why we should attend.  A multi-stake Primary provided several musical numbers.  It was a wonderful meeting.  The college auditorium was filled with members and guests, and an adjacent huge tent with a large TV monitor, also filled to overflowing. 

Besides our get-away and Temple Fireside we were able to talk on SKYPE to Jeff and Cassie to hear of the adventures of their new life together.  They have a great apartment which we were able to see on SKYPE.  Jeff has begun his new rotation int the ER and Cassie is just starting a new job as a CNA at a nearby Hospital.  They have definitely made their little apartment their "Home".  They are happy and adjusting well to all the many changes in their lives.

We also received the wonderful news that Chris and Tess are officially engaged.  We talked to them on SKYPE where we met Tess for the first time.  They are happy and excited and are making plans to be married on December 30th.  We will be home on the 23rd just in time for Christmas but more importantly, just in time for the wedding.  How grateful we are that we do not have to miss another wedding. 

We continue to count our blessings as our testimonies grow that "Sacrifice Brings Blessings"

Scott is actively engaged in the MBA program at Westminster College.  He is loving being in school and progressing towards his future goals.   His kids adore him and will be in Salt Lake for 2 weeks starting July 3rd.

Ryan, Jill, Calvin and Claire will be adding a new little baby girl "Chloe" to their Family in August.  All are Happy and Healthy!

We are so grateful for all the blessings our family has received while we have been serving.  We pray that we can show our gratitude through our continued service while here in Fiji on our mission and when we return home.

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