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Fiji Suva Mission
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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Weddings!

Hindu Weddings are quite the affair to remember,  Dressing up, celebrations, Indian Food of every kind, fashion show of the most beautiful Saris.  Definitely a girls affair.  I was a great Girls night Out.

All Dressed and ready to go!

What a fun weekend we had!  Neelam invited me to go to 2 Hindu Weddings with her.  Her husband Billy and Dave refused to go so the two of  and her daughter went.  I met here at her house at 5:30 pm to get ready.  Her neighbor came to her house to help us get dressed in our Saris.  It is quite the art to drape and tuck the fabric just right.  We felt like princesses heading out for the ball.   The weddings were quite the cultural experience.   A fashion show of Saris like none other.  Some of the women pay up to $1000 for a beaded and jeweled Sari.  Considering the number of times I plan to wear mine I spent much less.
The Hindu Weddings are a 2-3 day event with a lot of ceremonial events for the Bride and Bride groom.  Food, Dancing and Traditions galore!  It was definitely a cultural event I will never forget.

Neelam with Brother, Sister-in-law and Daughter Rahan

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