Fiji Suva Mission

Fiji Suva Mission
July 2009 - December 2010

Nasinu 1st Ward

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Isa Lei to Sister Erickson

"Sister Yaris"
Isa Lei to Sister Erickson,

How can I possibly sum up the past 14 months?  

First of all,  Thank you!  You have been a rock and have been a great example to both Dave and I.  We love you and admire you for your courage to come on a mission all the way over here to "Funny Fiji"  on your own.  I don't know if I could have done it. 

I admire your initiative to go above and beyond your call in the office to take upon yourself the tireless task of visiting, visiting, visiting.  You may feel at times that your effort has not made a difference but I assure you that it has.  You have touched lives of many people.  You will be missed and I know they will always remember "Sister Erickson". 

Your Diapers have left your mark all over Fiji.  Everytime someone sees one of your diapers you will be remembered with fondness.

You have been the "Rock" of the office.  We feel like we have been a 3 legged team and that one of the legs just fell off.  What will we do without you?  Already we feel the void and we miss you.  The Missionaries all admire you and will miss you greatly.

We will miss your smile as we walk into the office everyday.  We knew we could count on you.  I cherish the time we spent making Pillow Cases, Table Cloths, Sloppy Joes,  Chicken, Ham Sandwiches, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Not to mention trips to Prouds for rice and Cashew Chicken and Guava to pick up platters of sandwiches then returning the platters. yes even the free entertainment for the guests at my expense. We can't forget the shopping!  Shopping at Materialized, shopping in the Vegetable market, MH, and all the funny stores downtown.   Picking up badges and running our tails off trying to keep up with Millie as she ran us all over downtown. 

Our get-a-ways to the Radisson, Hard Rock Cafe, and Out Rigger helped carry us through.  Dinner at Nando's, Pizza at Jody's, a quick burger at McDonalds, Lunch at The Pearl, Mangos and the worms at Tiko's.

Memories, Memories and more Memories.

We have shared a lot the past 14 months and we will never forget our time in Fiji with you.  We made a unique team and it has been a pleasure working with you in the office.

We are so happy that you are finally able to return home to your family.  They have missed you.  I loved meeting some of them and I feel that I know all of them.  We learned together that "Sacrifice Brings Blessings". Both of us know that our sacrifices have made a difference in our families.  You are going home to 4 beautiful new grandchildren  and Tyler who endured much while you were here.   We are most grateful for the 3 new girls that have been added to our family.   I will forever cherish the opportunity we have had to serve.

We will miss you but know that you have served well and it is finally time to go "Home".  Our time is here is almost gone  and we too wait with great anticipation to be reunited with our family. 

Good bye for now, and we look forward to going somewhere Really Good to eat with you in Salt Lake.

Sister Erickson's Family
Farewell Dinner at the Ostlers
The Three Amigos
Forever Friends

All of the Senior Couples 

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