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Fiji Suva Mission
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quite a Week!

Well, Just another week in Paradise.  Only 3 truck accidents, 1 lost phone and one elder in the hospital with an infected gash in his knee.

Now for details!

A week ago, Saturday night Dave received a call at about 9:30 pm.  It was the Zone Leaders in Nausori.  They had just been hit by a drunk driver.  Luckily, no injuries.  When Elder Willis saw the drunk driver coming straight at him he swerved out so that the car hit him in the back corner of the truck rather than the driver's door.  The Lord protects his missionaries.
The story doesn't end there.  When the tow truck came to tow the truck away he punctured the front tire.
He tried to remove one of the other tires to replace the punctured tire but couldn't get it off so he just dropped the truck back on the ground doing even more damage to the truck.  To top it off the cop and the drunk driver were in Kahootz and the cop didn't even give the drunk a citation.  I guess our service center legal people will have to take over from here.  Good luck with that one!

The other two accidents were caused by Elders driving where they shouldn't have been under rainy conditions.  One high centered the his truck and the other slid off the road.  Both needing to be towed out.

Two other elders lost their phone on the bus AGAIN!

Now for the injured Elder.  It was a rainy  Tuesday evening. Elder C and his companion were leaving their flat for a dinner appointment.  They were horsing around and Elder A gave Elder C a push to get him going faster.  Well he went faster all right!  He flew down 4 steps and landed on the edge of the step with his knee stopping the fall.  Off to the Hospital we went,  He had a terrible gash down to the knee bone.  In surgery the next day the doctor found 3 bone chips floating around.  He removed the bone chips and sewed up the knee.  He was admitted to the Hospital for pain control and IV antibiotics.  after 3 days in the Hospital it was determined that the wound was infected in spite of the efforts of the antibiotics.  It's been a week now and we still don't know when he will be released from the Hospital.
Back to Surgery

Two days later the infection and pain were much worse.  The one and Only Orthopedic Surgeon was not available the night of the injury so the first surgery was done by a General surgeon who did not know what he was doing, leaving his knee in quite the mess.  The Orthopedic Surgeon returned so we fired the general surgeon and got the Orthopedic surgeon on the case.  Back to surgery he went to clean out all the infection, a bone fragment left behind in the first surgery and a scraping of the bone to clear away any infection that may invade the bone.  The surgery went well.  Hopefully he is on the road to recovery.
Finally out of the Hospital!

Looking good!
"Baby Steps"

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